What I do - Legal language services

EnglishFrench legal translation

  • Translation : I bring 20 years of experience working with French, British and American lawyers on a wide range of highly sensitive materials such as confidential transactional documents, court and government filings, press releases, as well as day-to-day exchanges with international clients.
    My legal training enables me to understand nuances in legal concepts, differences in legal culture, the complexities of French and European legal procedure, and the ins and outs of each document I work on, which is why I am able to provide accurate translations that can be readily understood by their target audience.
  • Proofreading/editing : I am happy to proofread and/or edit documents translated by translators who don’t specialize in legal or business translation. I will provide a redlined and commented version pointing out any issue with the source text and, where several translations are possible, helping you decide which one best fits your context or your target audience.

Legal/Business French Writing

  • You are fluent enough to communicate in French but your time (and your client’s budget) can’t be wasted on grappling with French legal or business jargon?


  • My solution: I offer a fixed-fee “translation hotline” service where you can join me (phone, email or Skype/Zoom) whenever you need help finding the right term or turn of phrase, without having to request a quote or approval: you get help when you need it.


  • The fee for this service is adjustable, based on the number of inquiries I expect to receive from you over the relevant period (a week, a month, or however long your project lasts).

Translation and proofreading/editing process, step-by-step

1. Contact me

You send me the files you need translated, preferably in editable format (e.g., Word, Powerpoint, PDF...).

2. Review

I review your documents and relevant information/requirements (background, target dialect, audience, deadline…) and get back to you if I have any questions.

3. Quote

I provide a detailed quote and an estimated turnaround time.

4. Translation / editing

I keep you posted on my progress and submit any questions or issues raised by the source text.

5. Delivery

I deliver the translation on the agreed date. We review it together to solve any issue that requires your input.